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Rejuran Top-UP Booster 3+3 Set

Rejuran Top-UP Booster 3+3 Set

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Simultaneously works to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and bring brightness to the skin

Helps visibly reduce hyperpigmentation and brighten skin over time

Vial I:

Normalize the skin regeneration cycle and stimulate skin’s own collagen production.
Replenish skin from the inside out and leave it feeling hydrated, supple and soft.


+ DNA fragment extracted from Korean wild salmon by using the patented DOT™ Technology (DNA Optimizing Technology)
+ 670 times smaller than skin pore size
+ A skin improvement activator reinforcing skin’s own barrier function


Hyaluronic Acid

+ Functions to retain water for your skin to be hydrated and plump
+ Reduces free radicals that result in skin aging and protects the skin from UV rays
+ Component of the ECM, contributes to cell proliferation and migration for the re-epithealization of the skin



+ A superb skin softener known for its moisturizing and soothing properties
+ Same biological activity as vitamin B5, which is essential for normal metabolism and hormone production

Vial II:

Composed of 3 ingredients with an exceptional whitening effect.
(Inhibits Tyrosinase activity or melanin production and accumulation)
Maximum whitening effect achieved with 3 ingredients combined in a certain ratio.

Ascorbic Acid

+ Known as vitamin C that is key to the production of collagen and elastin in the skin
+ Essential nutrient required for neurotransmitter function with preventative benefits
+ A powerful antioxidant causing an anti-inflammatory response
+ Helping to improve wrinkles, uneven skin tone and moisture



+ Tripeptide consisting of 3 amino acids (Glycine, Glutamic acid and Cystein)
+ Mediates the mechanism for switching from eumelanin to pheomelanin production and regulates collagen production
+ GSH prepared with hyaluronic acid reduces its foul odor


Tranexamic Acid

+ A superb skin softener known for its moisturizing and soothing properties
+ Inhibits melanogenesis by activating the autophagy system mediating a decrease in melanin synthesis by alleviating the production of tyrosinase, TRP1/2, and MITF protein
+ Excellent skin tone-up effect. Maximize the outcomes using MTS in combination

Topical Use Only, Apply With Micro Needling Or A Derma Roller

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