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Perfectha Subskin 1 x 3ml

Perfectha Subskin 1 x 3ml

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Features of Perfectha ® SubSkin One of the chief components in this drug is hyaluronic acid in the range of 20 mg / ml. This is a high level that is of great consequence to anyone who uses it. It has widespread positive effects, including firming of the skin and elimination of the wrinkles. Being the densest product in this line, Perfectha ® SubSkin contains substances that are essential for the performance of a wide array of skin augmentation operations. These include the likes of spatial modeling procedures, subcutaneous and supraperiostanogo administration. Benefits of Perfectha ® SubSkin Before making use of any skin dermal filler such as Perfectha ® SubSkin, it is important to establish how you would benefit from it. With this drug, they are quite a number and include: It has numerous uses as such as dimensional modeling of hands thereby giving you flawless skin It is essential for the removal of atropic scars and give your skin an even texture and color The filler has a long lifetime that stretches for over a year during which its effects will be visible It is made of natural biodegradable components, which prevents the accumulation of harmful substances under the skin. Side Effects of Perfectha ® SubSkin Just like other dermal fillers, Perfectha ® SubSkin can cause side-effects such as pain, discoloration, tenderness, redness, itching, or swelling within a day or two or up to four weeks after the injection. Also, it could cause sensitivity, but this should resolve on its own within a one or two days after treatment.
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