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Jalupro® Super Hydro (1x2.5ml)

Jalupro® Super Hydro (1x2.5ml)

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Jalupro Super Hydro is the most powerful skin bio-revitalisation product on the market. Super Hydro is AA cluster enhanced peptides HA LMW + HMW for ligament bio-restoration and to treat severe dehydration and tired skin.

The new formulation is giving an extra boost for skin extra cellular matrix bio-revitalisation thanks to the action of peptides and blend of low and high molecular weight for lasting hydration and fibroblasts stimulation. The specially designed formulation of amino acids, peptides & high concentration HA is ideal for optimal skin health and structure.

Jalupro Super Hydro can be used to treat several areas including face, neck, décolleté, underarms, hands, inner thighs, and abdomen. It can be used in conjunction with several other treatments to minimise the signs of ageing such as dermal filler and dermabrasion.

  • Enhanced 7 AA Functional cluster for collagen production
  • 3 Biomimetic peptides for immediate fibroblasts activation
  • A blend of Low Molecular Weight and Hight Molecular Weight for long-lasting hydration, collagen fibers scaffolding and fibroblasts stimulation
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