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Perfectha Fine Lines (1x1ml)

Perfectha Fine Lines (1x1ml)

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The hyaluronic acid used in Perfectha is 90% cross linked and 10% non cross linked. This combination hydrates the skin from the inside to give a long lasting fresh and youthful appearance. Only a relatively small amount is necessary to create a long lasting effect. Perfectha Derm Fine Lines is used for smoothing periorbital lines and perioral wrinkles and to correct dark circles under the eyes. Due to its low viscosity, the gel flows easily through the syringe and can be injected with very little effort. A fine needle is used to inject the hyaluronic acid filler into the upper dermis. Perfectha Derm Fine Lines is supplied as a ready to use syringe containing hyaluronic acid. 1 x 1ml HA 20mg/ml cross linked Needles 30g 1/2

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