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Juvederm Volite 2 x 1ml

Juvederm Volite 2 x 1ml

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Juvederm Volite Lidocaine is an injectable hyaluronic acid product designed specifically to improve the skin quality. Juvederm Volite is designed to improve skin smoothness, hydration, and elasticity. The product uses VYCROSS technology, an innovative combination of low and high molecular weight HA to improve the cross-linking efficiency of HA chains. The pack consists of: 2 x 1ml syringes 4 x 32G needles 1/2" 12 mg/ml Hyaluronic acid 0,3% Lidocaine Glysine-L-Proline The benefits of Juvederm Volite Lidocaine: Improve overall skin quality, Improve skin smoothness, hydration and elasticity Juvederm Volite Lidocaine can be used in the face, neck and hands.
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